Deana Kuljanin

Media Manager

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From Bosnia and Herzegovina, Deana is passionate about dance and music, playing the violin and piano, and plans to study political science.

Ally Chan

Media Manager


Canadian Ally loves sports including volleyball and soccer, as well as travelling and photography.

Rubi Bazan

Media Manager

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From California, Rubi boxes as well as enjoying anime and drawing in her free time, and plans to study digital media.

Ayra Matondang

Media Manager

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Planning on studying liberal arts, Ayra is from Indonesia and enjoys visual arts and reading.

Bára Bayerová

Media Manager

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From the Czech Republic, Bára enjoys hiking and cooking, and studies economics at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands.

Charlie Wyckoff

Media Manager

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American, Charlie loves college football, geography, and golf, and runs the Instagram account Map Central in his spare time.

Sophia Shahril

Media Manager

IMG_20181015_184058_287 - Sophia Shahril

Singaporean and living in India, Sophia plays six instruments and loves photography and volleyball, with plans to study medicine.

Aditya Lodha

Media Manager

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Aditya plans on studying international relations, and enjoys MUN, tennis, and NHD in his spare time.