Beckett McDowell



Originally American but living in London since 2016, Beckett has always been very interested in politics and global issues, which is why he started this organisation.

Evy Stumpff

Head of Communications


When Evy moved to England from America, she discovered a passion for international relations through Model United Nations, and plans on studying history or IR in university.

Joey Clough

Head of Media Management


From the West Coast of the US and studying at Stanford, Joey is keen on foreign relations and languages, as well as meeting new people and hearing their opinions.

Gina Fasseland

Head Editor


A motivated part of the Balance the Ballot team, Gina is hoping to pursue her passion for astrophysics at university while dabbling in the creative arts and volleyball in her free time.

Fivos Dimitrakopoulos

Head of Article Production

fivospt 2.PNG

Greek through and through, Fivos loves outdoor sports such as skiing and hiking, and hopes to study math or IR in university.

Kathryn McAuliffe

 Senior Writer


With plans to study journalism or political science, Kathryn lives in St Louis and enjoys speech and debate as well as computer science and cheerleading.