Beckett McDowell


Originally American but living in London for the past two years, Beckett has always been very interested in politics and global issues, which is why he started this organisation.

Evy Stumpff

Head of Communications

When Evy moved to England from America, she discovered a passion for international relations through Model United Nations, and plans on studying history or IR in university.

Gina Fasseland

Head Writer

Norwegian and proud, Gina is a motivated part of the Balance the Ballot team, as well as pursuing scientific interests through the British Science Association CREST Youth Panel.

Deluca Auvray

Senior Writer

Born in Sint Maarten but currently living in Spain, with two other countries in between, Deluca has been drawn to politics while maintaining his interest in studying biochemistry.

Giulia Noto la Diega

Senior Writer

Although having Italian heritage, Giulia has lived most of her life in various parts of Asia, developing a strong interest in politics, philosophy, and economics along the way.

Maggie Foa


Almost as much a lover as political science as the outdoors through hiking, mountain biking, and skiing, Maggie was born and raised in Colorado but lived a year abroad in London.

Laian Abu Arish


From Jordan and living in Saudi Arabia, Laian enjoys engineering and reading as well as keeping up with current events.

Interested in global politics and law, Siraz is from Turkey and lives in the Netherlands, truly representing the global mindset of Balance the Ballot.


Siraz Bayburt



Jackie Velazquez


Another American on the team, from Florida, Jackie loves photography and programming, with hopes to become a computer scientist.

Joey Clough


From the West Coast of the US, Joey is fascinated by both foreign relations and languages, as well as meeting new people and hearing their opinions.

Aaron Kearney-Keaveny


Irish born and raised, Aaron is interested in many things including Thai boxing and judo, and will be studying political economics in the future.

Maga Grafe


German and Pakistani living in London, Maga loves math as well as debating and politics, with plans to study math in university.

Anna Mansson


Anna, living and studying in Sweden and from China, enjoys dancing as well as solving rubix cubes, and hopes to possibly pursue law in university.

Abdullah Hadi


Interested in computer science, engineering, and math with plans to study these in university, Abdullah is Turkish but living in Canada.

Marcello Massone


Venezuelan and living in New York, Marcello enjoys sports such as rugby and football as well as literature and law.

Fivos Dimitrakopoulos


Greek through and through, Fivos loves outdoor sports such as skiing and hiking, and hopes to study math or IR in university.

Jack Ceroni


Planning to study physics and math, Canadian Jack also enjoys computer science and international relations.

Tehreem Siddiqui


Pakistani living in Texas, Tehreem is interested in STEM as well as international relations, hoping to possibly study pre-med at university.

Kavya Verma


When she’s not running her own ethically sourced food company in India where she lives, Kavya enjoys debating and basketball.

Mathew Sijabat


Mathew is Indonesian and fascinated by pure mathematics and debating, and plans to study economics at university level.

Yasmeen Mawlawi


Lebanese and living in the US, Yasmeen has pursued her interests in sports such as track and field as well as in international relations.