Kemal Mohamedou

Head Writer

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Fluent in French, Arabic, English, and Spanish, Kemal lives in Switzerland and is interested in history, sports, and writing.

Drew Genel

Head Media Manager & Editor

Portrait - Drew Genel.png

Living in New Jersey, Drew enjoys drawing and is the vice president of his school's Digital Arts Club, with plans to study politics and design.

Ronald Delgado

Senior Writer


Trilingual and living in Kentucky, Ronald loves music, politics, and history, with plans to pursue political science in university.

Ivan Wu

Senior Writer


Canadian and a lover of sports and sneakers, Ivan is particularly interested in environmental issues and aims to study and medicine.

Stephanie Xiang

Senior Media Manager


Living in Canada, Stephanie wants to study business administration or finance, and enjoys skiing and maths.

Maria Berni

Senior Media Manager


Italian and raised in London, Maria loves the visual and theatre arts, and hopes to study either psychology or English at university.

Jamie Miller

Writer & Media Manager

IMG_3146 - Jamie Miller.jpeg

Attending Northwestern University in Chicago, Jamie enjoys weight lifting, boxing, and reading when she’s not focusing on her interest in Communication Studies.