In 2012, Elon Musk first suggested the creation of the HyperLoop. A new form of transportation, getting rid of the two biggest things that slow down all vehicles: air resistance, and friction. The HyperLoop would look like a train, but be magnetically levitated, getting rid of friction, and would go through a tube, which would get rid of air resistance.

Having been busy with his other companies such as SpaceX and Tesla, Musk did not have the time to build the HyperLoop himself, so he declared that any company interested may attempt to build it. Now in 2018, different companies are building different versions of the HyperLoop. Musk’s aim was to have it pass the speed of 240mph (280kmph), and to have different tracks built across the globe. Companies are aiming to have a commercial line set in 2020.

With the Hyperloop, travels that would normally take 4 hours drop to 30 minutes. This opens many new doors for people. People would be able to work in different parts of the country, or even work in different countries entirely. Transportation between countries would become easier than ever.